Welcome to the latest edition of our MoneyWorks Newsletter, which you can download here.

Articles in this edition focus on:

  • Planning for a comfortable life after years of hard work
  • Planning your legacy

A new tax year is a good point to start your financial planning for Retirement. By it’s nature retirement planning is a long term commitment. However, with careful planning it is possible to make your life in retirement more comfortable. The article in this newsletter considers how your goals, risk appetite, time horizon, inflation, diversification and affordability can all effect your retirement plans.

We are always happy to discuss how these factors can affect our clients in the real world.

The second article looks at planning your legacy. Nobody enjoys thinking about death and the affect this can have on your loved ones. However, careful Estate and Inheritance Tax planning can provide peace of mind in your lifetime and crucially, will mean that your family is looked after when you are no longer here. Comprehensive planning will consider a wide variety of options including trusts, life insurance, nomination of beneficiaries, power of attorney and more.

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