Welcome to the latest edition of our MoneyWorks Newsletter, which you can download here.

Articles in this edition focus on:

  • Inheritance Tax Planning
  • Protecting the value of your money

Inheritance Tax is no longer something that only affects the very wealthy, but the good news is that there are ways to limit the amount of Inheritance Tax your family may potentially face. Arranging a Will, making Lifetime Gifts, use of Trusts are all recognised as sensible ways of mitigating your Inheritance Tax liability. I am always happy to discuss how these, along with other solutions, match your personal circumstances.

The second article discusses Inflation and it’s effects. Inflation is an economy-wide sustained trend of increasing prices from one year to the next. The rate of inflation is important as it represents the rate at which the real value of savings and an investment is eroded and the loss in spending power over time.

Inflation also tells investors exactly how much of a return their investments need to make for them to maintain their standard of living. Making use of different asset classes can reduce the damage to your savings that is caused by inflation.

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